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Хостинг и VDS, скидка при переходе
D2GS (Diablo 2 Game Server)
Red portal + runes from v1.11 [x]
Troubles server-client [x]
Diablo 2 charasters server to server save
About D2GS 1.11
D2GS (Diablo 2 Game Server)Created: 12.04.2007
Edited: 30.12.2009
Author: HarpyWar

There are 2 variants of game server:

Open server (OGS)
You can play with the single player charasters, the game is taking place between customers.

Closed server (CGS)
Games will create and play directly on the dedicated gaming server. All the characters in the same stored on the remote server, and as a result, the number of possible cheating decreased significantly.

D2GS is the closed server, which works with PvPGN emulator.

D2GS 1.10
    Old version d2gs-110-bin-beta6
    Official page of D2GS project - (not updated since 2004)

D2GS 1.11b (details)
    Here, in footer on this page, you can download the latest version D2GS 1.11. To date, this build 46 (05.04.2010).

D2GS 1.13 (PTR version)
    Here, in footer on this page, you can download the latest version D2GS 1.13 from 09.11.2015.

NewFeatures! You can enable warden in d2gs now! (See d2warden.ini and D2GS History)

Using PvPGN Magic Builder you can build any D2GS version!

Version history D2GS 1.11
Version history D2GS 1.13

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02 Апрель 2008, 16:35 | #112 
можно описание как запустить все делаю как в ридми китайском но ничего даже не запускаеться

28 Июнь 2008, 11:54 | #131 
lester очень внимательно перепроверить конфиги - ВСЕ!
для d2gs - есть ещё конфиг рилма - в нём прописать тоже имя, что и в конфиге для d2cs

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