Main functionality:

- autoinjection C3PO and MapHack into Diablo II
- Battle net server editor Diablo II
- useful d2loader parameters option
- fast mod change (you need create fonder in mods directory and put there any mod files) - very useful for mod makers and players, who testing different modes
- autoupdate launcher
- backup your diablo 2 files (dll,exe,patch mpq) on first launch

I run also PvP server v1.11b with mod ( You can download it with PvP mod (and original 1.11b patch.mpq) here (3,5 mb)

You may extract archive to any folder (make it first). Then set up tabs: Settings, D2Loader and MapHack (if need).

This launcher need Microsoft Framework 2.0. Download it, if you get some error with that info on start framework 2.0 download (22 mb)

Also you can download only executable (31 kb)

If you need download (original files from Diablo 1.10 and 1.11b) - 9 mb

Source code