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Diablo 1 noCD
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Diablo 1 noCDCreated: 08.04.2007
Edited: 11.12.2012
Author: HarpyWar

Manual way to run Diablo: Retail (1st) without CD.

Get any HEX Editor, for instance XVI32.
Open the library storm.dll with it.
We are looking to change the position:
C916: 74 -> 8E

Diablo storm.dll editing

Then you need to copy diabdat.mpq from the installation disk in the game directory.

The above position is required for Diablo 1.00.
There is need to change another positions for version 1.09/1.09b:
18685: 75 -> 90
18686: 08 -> 90

Position for Diablo: Hellfire versions 1.0-1.02:
52177: 75 -> EB

Below you can download already modified storm.dll. Just place it into the game directory.
There is also full installed Diablo game that is ready to play.

[AVP] Attachment files (no viruses):

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