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Хостинг и VDS, скидка при переходе
ArcEmu - World of Warcraft Server Emulator
ArcEmu binary releases [x]
ArcEmu - World of Warcraft Server EmulatorCreated: 15.08.2008
Edited: 16.08.2008
Author: HarpyWar

Arcemu is an open source C++/MySQL emulator based on community involvement. It′s open source and uses the GNU Affero License 3, so you can freely download the source code and make your own server, but can′t use it for business.

Arcemu was formed in June of 2008 in response to the closure of AscentEmu.com and a fight with OpenAscent. We respect the works of previous developers, and look forward to delivering our flavor of WoW Emu.

  • Stormcraft ¬
    • Team Python ¬
      • WoWD ¬
        • EspireEmu ¬
          • Antrix ¬
            • Ascent (GPL) ¬
              • Summit (Closed Source)
              • OpenAscent ¬
                • ArcEmu (GPL)

              • AspireCore

  • (Source)

    Useful links
    http://arcemu.org - official site
    http://www.arcemu.org/forums/ - forums
    http://arcemu.info - Wiki #1 (will close)
    http://www.arcemu.info/trac/wiki - Wiki #2
    svn://arcemu.info/svn/arcemu - SVN
    http://www.arcemu.info/trac/ - Bug Report
    IRC server irc.rizon.net, channel #arcemu

    http://www.ascentmirror.com - AscentEmu old mirror of site/forums/wiki (a lot of info)

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