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IRC search engineCreated: 07.04.2007
Edited: 28.01.2008
Author: HarpyWar

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Service description

IRC search is an unique Web service of its kind. Entered and ordered in the database all irc addresses with the names in real-time, and then sorting them and display the end-user through the web.

Distributed in accordance with the GPL (General Public License)

For full-service work you must have the following:

* mIRC client
* Apache or any other web server with support PHP and MySQL


1. mIRC tracks all entrances/exits and writes in a temporary file all the information
2. when someone visits the web interface irc service will launch php script, which takes information from the temporary file and record it in the database (if the line is already esists, the contents are updated, if not exist - create)
3. temporary file is zero and further back, paragraph 1

If you can see how it looks, follow the link http://ircsearch.harpywar.com

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